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Week #7- Understanding fear through meditation.


“Fear is false evidence appearing real” Zig Ziglar.

Fear…will be the topic of this blog. It is a huge topic and it is possible to discuss it for days, connecting it with different events in life, mental, physical and spiritual health or disease for that matter, state of mind and learned limitations, Should’s and Should-not’s, procrastinations and other habits that goes under the same roof, low self-esteem, lack of faith & courage, indecisiveness, anger, worrying, separation and that list can go on and on and on for hours…

Can you even imagine what this fear does to our Self? What it pushes us to create in that fearful state of mind? How many fears we learn already in our early childhood, and how all of it becomes so close to us and we start believe it is our own thoughts and even worse – that it is true.

I guess I would like to discuss maybe one of the biggest symptoms of fear, which is anger. Anger is actually coming from powerlessness. If you think of it, anytime you have been angry, it always was because you were feeling powerless. And powerlessness in its turn grows up out of Fear, which is the opposite of Love. (We already have discussed Love in its own blog earlier, where you can read more about it if you want.) So what is the solution for anger? It is no more complicated than Love.

As my wonderful friend and college Jeremy Halpin said: “In the Light of love all angry acts cause us as much pain as we have caused others with them. This is why it is so important to replace fear with love, joy and unity.”


This leads us to another issue, of “What goes around, comes around”.

We actually do cause a lot of pain and damage to ourselves with us being angry with someone or at something. By feeling this emotion and playing on that, we only burn ourselves out and cut ourselves over and over again. So much illness in the body of an angry person. Have you ever been able to observe that in anyone? They cannot rationalize or act adequate in that type of drama, heating up and blaming everything else for making them feel this way. But the bottom line is nothing more than those people are just not yet aware of the fear that the subconscious acts upon.

“I plant the seed of fear in the minds of people, and as these seeds germinate and grow, through use, I control the space they occupy. The six most effective fears are the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death.”“Outwitting the Devil”, by Napoleon Hill. ( I wonder why I open this book over and over again;-) )

So..I guess I’ll take them in the reverse order and give them some thoughts. Many people are afraid of death. In fact they are afraid to live because “what if something happens and they will be dead?” So they never get chance to really live a life and try, risk and develop. The funny thing is that death represents change, if you think of it, we are all energy and energy can not die, it can only change form, so when we die, we change our form, getting rid of your physical body and transforming into pure energy. Every day, we hopefully develop and become “another” person year after year, so we “die” as “old us” and become “new us” with new habits, new knowledge, new experiences, its nothing more than die and reborn mentally. And I think we also “die” spiritually when we don’t allow ourselves to live, transforming ourselves into nothingness by destructive thoughts and a life without meaning. Everything is changing, nothing stays still – that is how Nature works, without exceptions, so we all going to change form sooner or later, why fear it?
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of old age is also a form of changing, in our physical body as we grow older and the structure of our body is changing, but we can also become pretty “old” in our mental body, by living without purpose, never allowing ourselves to play and be curious, wearing what we want because it somehow doesn’t fit “your age” and so on. (As you can see, this in its turn leads us to a fear of criticism.) But here we still have a choice – to grow old or continue to play and stay young in our mind, even though the physical body still must grow older and change and there is nothing positive or negative to it, it’s just IS, it’s just still how Nature operates.
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of loss of love is a very strange fear, because we are surrounded by the illusion of separation, the illusion of us not being complete, and that we need to find another “half” that will complete us. Think of it, we don’t need anyone to complete us, we are whole. It is for many a way to run away from the Self, they cannot stand loneliness, but you are never alone, it’s always 3 of you, as my husband usually say: “Me, Myself and I” (You who live by the Bible I think can compare it with the God, The Son and The Holy Spirit, it is the same way to see it – it is 3 within you.) The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself, so start love yourself and appreciate it, don’t look for someone to love, you are Love, and when you know you are Love, the partner will appear, and you will take that life’s journey together, as 2 whole beings, without co-dependancy and fear of loss of love, because you cannot lose it – you are Love!
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of ill health is also very interesting. We are created and born perfect and harmonious, therefore healthy. It is when we stop having that harmony within ourselves and start believing in separation that the body becomes ill. Illness is nothing more and nothing less than your Self trying to communicate with you, and when you ignore it – you become more ill and when you feel illness you might plant a seed of fear and see it become even worse. Many seek doctors, but they cannot help, because they try to cure whats outside, and by trying to fix whats outside, you can’t fix what’s inside. Logical, right? So to stop being sick you need to think healthy, which in its turn will help you to look over the food you put into your body, the exercises you do or don’t, the importance of sleep and having time for yourself and so on. (Yeah, many may say, so why does some babies get born with different kind of illness, it’s not like they have been thinking negatively or fearing ill health!? Well, answer to that question we can turn to the moms who are pregnant and who has fear of ill health and vibrate at this level of consciousness, and of course, the baby is taking damage from this as well.) Just know it, and accept it.

Now back to the fear of criticism. When you are the best of what you are and act from your integrity, you also know the truth. The truth about you, about who you are and what you want. In that state of mind you don’t care at all of what others may think or say, because it has nothing to do with you, it is their thoughts, their judgments, their responsibility, and remember – what goes around, comes around. When you know Your Truth, you know that whatever people say cannot make you uncomfortable, because it is either true (means already comfortable for you) or false and you are the one who knows it, undependable of what others may think behind your back or into your face. So there is really nothing to fear in that regard, we just learned it as children, when other children made fun of us in one way or another, but we all did that when we were kids, maybe in order to find what the truth was? But by getting older, you form yourself and you learn the truth.
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of poverty, well I won’t comment it, I’ll just put the citation about it and you can make your own conclusion: “Poverty, like physical illness, is a contagious disease. You find it always among the drifters, never among those who know what they want and are determined to get just that! It may mean something to you when I call your attention to the fact that the non-drifters,…, and those who possess most of the wealth of the world, happened to be the same people.”“Outwitting the Devil”.
Hey, that doesn’t mean you need to have all the economical wealth in the world. Many people live a very simple lives, yet they are full of meaning and driven by purposes.
Just know it, and accept it.


What you resist – persists. You resist to recognize you have fears? Well, you will stick with them, so again

just know it and accept it

then let it go because there is nothing to fear!

You will find everything you need through meditation, but you will gain nothing, simply because it is already in you, but you will understand a lot.:-)

Through meditation we become conscious and aware of that Love we are which is also a cure for everything.

“The secret of love is that it is our highest expression of consciousness. It is a state more than an emotion. This is why coming back to love is like coming home. We realise we knew it all along. We had just been distracted, divided and disempowered by an uneasy dream where we allowed self-doubt, fear and anger to creep in and separate us from ourselves.”Jeremy Halpin.

So let us stop being confused by that illusion of separation and again allow ourselves to let go, forgive, feel, relax, be in this present moment and meet our real Self! And we will vibrate at that level, everyone will see the change in us, without being able to put a finger on what the difference is, all the animals will lose their fear and come to greet us, because they will be the first ones who will feel our vibration of unconditional Love that we all are.

IMG_1451Until next blog, let us all gain more understanding:-)


43 thoughts on “Week #7- Understanding fear through meditation.

  1. This was thought provoking. Yes, fear is crippling and as I read your blog, it distorts truth. The Buddha quotes were great, too.

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  2. Reblogged this on Rewa Rukario's Master Key and commented:
    MKMMA Student MWS, shares insights on fear and meditation. Beautifully written and very powerful and poignent!

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  3. A very power and poignent piece of work!!!

    Well done!!

    Fear is a powerful emotion. Yet, its counterpart, as you had so eloquently stated, is love.

    Fear at its core is a emotion, as is love. Many of us focus on the Scarcity and Lack, rather than the Law of Abundance.

    Haanel in Chapter 7 Paragraph 24 states:

    “What, then, is the correct principle? Concentrate on the things you want, not on the things you do not want. Think of abundance; idalize the methods and plans for putting the Law of Abundance into operation. Visualize the condition which the Law of Abundance creates; this will result in manifestation.”

    Great job, once again!

    Onward and Upward,


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  4. Enjoyed reading your blog and enjoyed your perspectives on fear. I like to say “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the topic.

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  5. What a power blog post you wrote! If you start to think on it, you will find yourself as well as people you know well, who eventualiteiten experienced exactly what they feared most. I lost my best friend 11 years ago of cancer, a diseases she has been terrified of all life long….yet overname that fear before she passed. I lost the love of my life, which had been my greatest fear during that relationship. But, in a way, without that happening, I would probably never got in touch with Mark nor have known what I know now, because of mkmma.
    Outwitting the Devil. ..on my still to read list.
    Thank you for sharing, loved reading it!

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    • I don’t know the details but about the love of your life and that you have had fear of maybe loosing it- made you actually lose him in the end. But that is not good or bad- that still just IS:-) You focused on it- it happened, but you’ve just learned that whatever you focus on -you can make, regardless of what it is:-) When you start love yourself for real you will as well feel that unconditional love for others, and you will meet your partner- without any fears, musts, wants and so on, just as a whole being meating another whole being:-) not a half-circle meeting another half-circle in order to become one whole circle. It will never happened because of the fight for the energy.
      About the best friend, it is tragical indeed, I lost too many of my family members in cancer, so I know what you are talking about, but still- what have they been thinking of? It has not been developed from without and they got sick- it is them and their thoughts that developed it in their ouw bodyes, because they didn’t love themselves, they critisised themselves, wanted to perform better, never was it good enought, maybe they didn’t even liked their physical tempel (their own body)?? It is always something in it…..always from caos from within…
      And it is worth thinking….:) However- we are still here and learnig

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  6. I love your analogies! You have put a lot of thought into your blog, and it shows. I whole heartedly agree with everything you have written and have been a proponent of these realities for most of my life. The only fear I have known has been real life dangerous situations that I have encountered along the way. I never feared poverty even though there have been times in my life when finances were sparce. I have always been secure in the fact that things would work out. I’ve never been real concerned about what others thought of me so criticism was not an issue. I flat refuse to have any lingering illness. Old age is a part of the process – it does creep up on you faster than you are expecting it to, but that’s okay. And I have never feared death. It is as much a part of living as birth. Kudos on your post! Love it and am sending love to you!

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  7. I loved the way you went about all of the fears. Makes me think about my fears, and how I am trying to when they pop up in my mind, to think of something else. Love your post, and I have to put that book in my list of things to read next. Thank you

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    • Thank you! Yes, if you love to read filosophical stuff, that this book is pretty good start:-)
      It is one of these you can read hundreds of times and still understand new points of view every time. Glad you started to think about what you operating with in your mind, you can now only be “successful” in all areas of life:-)
      Bless you!


  8. Well the fear, procrastination, stress deep disappointment, low self-esteem and many other diseases are common for many people in today’s society. Well you putting them under one roof. Perfectly good idea. Don’t you think we are fortunate to think about it, be aware of it and be able to work on ourselves and prevent the present and future consequences? You do as always great work. Love to you and your fantastic points of view.

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  9. Great Post lots of good information to meditate on. That book outwitting the devil has been one coming across my path too a sign I should read it. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Thought provoking blog! Think about your desires and bring those things to you. Thinking about your fears will make them stronger. Peace.

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  11. Great post and excellent book. Anything we fear we draw it closer to us. Twenty eight years ago when I relocated to the United States one of my fears was being ill and having no insurance and of course since I feared it, it visited me. One of the greatest lessons I learned. Be careful of your fears you may draw them to you which is the last thing you may want in your life. Thanks for spelling it all out in the post.

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  12. Loved your blog. It was detailed in its message and very thought provoking. I love your choice of words “Just know it and accept it”. An excellent adage to live by. Blessings!

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  13. Thank you for so much to ponder…and so much to accept and be thankful for and enjoy where we are right now. What an encouraging reminder! Blessings!

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  14. Thanks for your insights about fear.

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  16. INCREDIBLE!!! This is by far my most favorite Master Key post, and I’ve read a ton of ’em! Not only did you give me several new insights on this devil called fear, but you also reaffirmed something to me. How death is really a change in form: physical to spiritual. You may recall commenting on my blog about that. I’m so grateful for your words I reblogged this post on my site.
    Thank you Maria. Blessings, and much love to you.

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  17. Reblogged this on The Master Key with Mohammed Al Rubaiy and commented:
    A true masterpiece by Maria Khakhalkina.


  18. This was an awesome read!!! You are a wonderful blogger!!


  19. Thank you Maria. I love your post!
    I also love “Just know it, and accept it.”

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  20. Reblogged this on Master Key MKMMA Joseph and commented:
    A very great post from Maria.

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  21. What a wonderful blog. Fortunately, I found it as a result of Joseph’s reblog. Thanks for sharing, Joseph.

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  22. Indeed it is a very thought-provoking post and a beautiful reflection on those truths around limitation that are self-imposed. Thanks for the introduction of “Outwitting the Devil.” I have been wanting to read something by Napoleon Hill. Great post – thank you!

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  23. What a great blog. Learning to overcome fear can be one of the biggest challenges in our lives; many don’t even recognize it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspirations.

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  24. Wow, what a great blog. So much to think about.

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  25. Thank for sharing the truth … your words and reflections really struck a deep cord with me – Namaste


  26. Got here from a repost and really enjoyed your brilliant illumination on the statement of fears from Hill. The one that struck me the most was overcoming fear of criticism through truly discovering who we are, which is what we’re doing in MKMMA. Thank you for sharing, and I’m so excited for all of us!!


  27. Beautifully written Maria. Your posts demonstrate huge insight and thought, I love reading your blog. Thank you.

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