Master Key Experience


Week #13 – Giving

Todays topic is about Giving. 

The Giving per se is not only about giving away things we have, but it is about giving from within, sharing, feeling gratitude from the bottom of the heart, cooperating and creating beautiful things together using collective consciousness to bring up the best into this World out of this World, for everyone, including ourselves.

We can never do anything just on our OWN. It would be too much for a person to handle, too overwhelming and tough. It is exactly explained in one of our previous exercises when we had to imagine a ship and move “back in time” to see what it was made of, how and by whom… If you did the exercise you might as well get the idea of us individuals work together when creating something beautiful that many can benefit from. Someone prepared the wood for the ship, some formed the steel, some painted it all inside, someone else did all the furnishing, some did all the mechanical work and so it goes on and on,  thousands of people was needed to create one ship from the scratch. So it is with everything.

You wake up in the morning, boil water and prepare your coffee. Take your cup and fill it up with coffee, and put in some milk. This coffee is than a creation of Yours. That is at least what many of us think every day, that we do things ourselves. But if you think of it, this coffee wouldn’t be at your table if it was not for the effort of millions of people helping you to create this coffee every morning. Think of all the people who plant, grow and collect coffee beans. All who clean them and roast them before they go to the store, where someone pick them up and place them on a shell. All who deliver them to the store. All who worked together to create a coffeemaker you could later buy and use daily. All who packed it and delivered to the store. Other people who came up with idea of a refrigerator for you to keep your milk in. All who are raising cattle, taking care of the grass, so that cow could eat, so that they could get some milk which you bought and put in your fridge. Someone who designed your cup, made it from clay, painted it, packed it, delivered it, so that you could have it in your kitchen. Can you see how many people helped you make your morning coffee? (Can you as well see how many resources of the planet that was needed to make it all happen?)

Of course we have enormous power and capacity of our own, to create an idea, but to realise it we will need some help from others, likewise minds and people with similar or same purpose or idea. Only by connection, partnership, friendship, love, sharing and giving we can get the real power!

To make someone happy, we need to be happy ourselves. To show someone love, we need to first love ourselves. That is true, but here is a thin line between the developing your higher Self and feeding your Ego. It is not about the personal neediness to have everything to be happy or do things so that we can feel love individually. It is about being grateful for everything we already have, and by that we will feel happy, for things we are grateful for will grow and it is about sharing love, showing it to your Self by showing it to all that reflects from you, which is basically all the outside world. By being loving to everything and everyone around you, you truly love your Self.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 12.03.36

(This picture is taken in a bathroom of our sweet friend in Stockholm. He has big heart and always welcomes all to his home. It is always many people living at his place, his 2-bedroom apartment. And it is never narrow. )

New times are coming, old habits does not work anymore, more people are waking up, understanding the Unity, the Oneness of us all, the individuality of us all and that we are creative, we are not made to be “all the same”, doing the same thing day in and day out, just to survive. We “came here” to evolve, to educe, to discover who we truly are. Then let us help each other to break through, so that we can start creating stunning things together again. So that we can show compassion and love, skip the war, stop separating us from the Self and stop destroying our homes, our planet.

I know I dropped a thought about group meditation in one of my previous blogs, but now I want to ask everyone who read this  to really engage, for the collective awakening and support. Just 15 minutes of your life, every Sunday at CET 21:30, let us all collectively meditate for “PEACE”; “COMPASSION”; “LOVE”; “UNITY”; “QUICK RECOVERY OF OUR PLANET”; “UNDERSTANDING AND CONSCIOUSNESS” etc. Let us spread this to our friends and families and unite, for a better and more giving life on our planet, our Mother Earth.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 12.04.03

(For people who never did any meditations, it could be a perfect time to start and see how much they can contribute to the whole world. I choose CET 21:30 for a reason. For some people it will be late in the evening, just before going to bed, and it is marvellous to think of something like that at the end of the day, because you will see how your whole body’s healing processes will increase because of that. For other people it will be in the morning, and it is a wonderful thing to start a day with as well, to start with giving to our Home, and the rest of the day this Home will give back to you multiple times. For some it will be in the middle of the day and you will really see the difference in actions of others toward you, see many beautiful things surrounding you every day that you never saw before. Just sit or lay down, comfortably and concentrate your Mind and your Imagination on a precipice topic, like those you saw above, and just think of it for 15 min:) )

I bet we all would like to keep and be able to enjoy the beauty this Earth gives us every day, so it is time for us to give a little bit of our time, for our Self, for our Home. Let 2015 be the year of awakening and giving from the heart!

All the love to YOU! Namaste!

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 12.09.49


Week #12- The “Present” of every day. Is “NOW”.

It is soon time for presents and all that Christmas chaos that people are experiencing year after year, over and over again. Showing our family and friends our material wealth, buying copious amount of lights, small stuff, decorations and of course all kinds of presents. It’s almost like we have been teached as kids that “a couple of times a year you will receive a gift”, and this is one of these times. But talking about gifts… What about our daily Present all of us receives, every day, without any particular reason, our NOW.

This NOW/ Present is the Ultimate gift we can ever receive, the gift of Life, of Today and of Present moment. We all have been receiving this Present every second of our life and one thing that is for sure, we all will be given it forever. It is through Present that we learn, grow, feel, experience and being alive. It is, in fact, the only thing that we know for sure really exist and that we can be conscious of.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 15.36.28

“How come”, you’d ask? Well, all you have is a chain of constantly happening “NOW”-moments through time. As we discussed earlier in another blog, what you had yesterday was the “Present” of that day, and what you will get tomorrow, is still the “Present” of THAT day, so it does not exist until it becomes present. It can as well be a pretty good idea to stop wasting the energy on thinking too much forward, instead of fully focusing on being here in this Present moment, because we only have the power to change what we do have control over, and the future is not the case.

Although we know that we create, every single moment, and that all the creation is happening NOW, we might still think that it’s all look the same, from second to second, hour to hour, day to day, but it does not, it’s all changes and recreates every single second.

We create ourselves, and yet, many think they are not good enough, not smart enough, rich enough, young enough, tall enough, trained enough, funny enough and so on… Living and focusing on the illusion of their own minds that has been trained what to think (instead of really feeling what is) by parent, schools, media and the environment. It’s a saying that there is “Greener grass on the other side of the fence.” But hey, why not just take care of our own “grass” here and now, instead of running toward that other greener side and always see that it’s not green enough, that we need to run further to get it greener, concentrating again, on the future which we can’t control anyway. We who run, missing the beauty of Present, the living and being in the Present.

“Chasing the horizon: It is like running after the horizon; the faster you go, the faster it moves away from you. One day, you realize that you are standing on it. What you were running after is where you already are and always will be. All people want is what is in the present, but they do not know it because they have never opened it. Almost no one knows what the present really is.” – Author unknown.

We need to understand that we are the Present, eternal Now, Spiritual being, so that we can see the Present of life, accept it and welcome it without judgments, with open Mind & Heart (means with love). Only then your perception of what life is will become clear. Only through calmness of our Minds (as in meditation) our Life expands and we know that we are blessed. Our spiritual Self experience what our Mind-self creates, so by concentrating on being in Now we can get to know our Spiritual-Self. So as Socrates told us: “Know thy self.” 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 15.32.42

The experience and perception. This a huge subject in itself. “It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.”Henry David Thoreau

We all are living in the same world, with the same universal laws, but we all perceive it different. As a mouse and a horse, an elephant and a lion, a woman and a man, a child and an old person, and so on, are all perceiving the same things in our own, unique way. We never see things and events exactly the way as THEY ARE, but we see them exactly the way as WE ARE. The perception depends upon individual level of awareness, development of all 6 senses, own perspective and point of view. However, we still got the same physical world around us, it never change, except our perception of it is what changes. Life itself follows the perfect order and is in symbiosis with all the Universal laws that exists. We cannot influence life, we can only choose how we want to see life.

Trying to change the world, will never help us change ourselves. All the material progress, all the wealth we gain, does not matter, it is only when we understand the truth and change ourselves (or becoming more of our true Self) when we see the world around changes (or basically, our perception of the world changes, because the world is still the same for everyone).

You probably recognise this saying from one of my first blogs: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!” 🙂

The word Truth, meaning “That which is” (according to the dictionary). So “that with is”  is actually the only thing, the Present:-) And that is the only Truth we know. Have no idea whose words these are, but I totally love them:

“People feel that something is missing, because something is missing; true life is missing. Your mind is like a door, and for most, it is currently closed. You have to have a truly open mind to learn the truth and experience true life (the present).”

The present has to be our goal, because it is the only thing that exists.

Are You believing everything I’m writing here? Then stop! Go check it all out for yourself! Its naive and dumb to just rely on everything you hear and read, and then even accepting all of it as the Truth. This “Monkey see, Monkey do”- syndrom has been out in our society for too long now and people completely has lost the sense of personal responsibility and personal growth, by simply allowing their minds to be filled with the influence of the outside world, successfully separating them from the Self, from the Truth and tightly closing all doors of independent thinking.

Until next blog, never allow anyone to think or decide for you. Listen to your Self and it will show you the Truth. Enjoy the gift of Today.


Week #11 – Wake up!

Today I want to go back to the beginning.

In every culture, science and study we come to the same conclusion which is brought up unto us in a different way, but carrying the same message. “In the beginning there was Word.” (Bible)
This Word was “Sound”. Sound is a Frequency. Frequency is a Thought/Emotion/Feeling.

All that we see and experience around us are all the manifestation of the Sound/Vibration. Sound that turns energy into matter and form. Every organ in our body are resonating in a certain frequency. It is when our thoughts and emotions, and the vibrations that THEY causes, disharmonies with vibrational state of our physical body then we become ill!

So we basically think and feel ourselves into illness or health. By nature we are always thinking, feeling, therefore creating, either consciously or unconsciously. And it always follow that same pattern: Thought –>feeling –> Vibration/sound –> Matter –> Form.

I bet you are somehow familiar with great work and experiment done by Japanese author and entrepreneur, Masaru Emoto. (Rest In Peace!) His experiment showed a perfect example of how our thoughts, words, feelings and even our surroundings (like music, which is also a Sound/Vibration) affecting the molecular structure of Water. Why am I talking about water? Well, because the planet we live on is filled up with that water, by almost 80%. A human body contains in fact about 80% water (I know, in the video below you will read it is about 60%, but it is actually more near 80%). But the important thing to get here is that if a drop of water affects like this, our body and the whole planet are as affected by all the Sound/Vibrations created.

(You might even want to read more about his findings and experiments from his book “Messages from Water.”)

So not only we can see and certainly feel the changes in the water itself, but change our health conditions depending on how we are thinking and feeling. Another very interesting examination described here by Gregg Braden, about low and high frequencies and how they are shaping water droplets. It is that way we shaping our bodies and minds, either by keeping the simple form and not developing or by creating a more advanced form, so to speak, and another level of consciousness. Some examples of Low frequency thoughts and feelings are: greed, hatred, envy, cynicism, jealousy, dependency, blame etc. Examples of High frequency thoughts and feeling are: love, compassion, kindness, trust, altruism, peace etc.

Of course, we are affecting our own world individually, BUT we also affecting the whole World we share, by our collective consciousness, everything that we think, feel and do amassed.

We all have the opportunity to step beyond all that we have been known as “truth” and participate in the Grander Truth within our higher level of consciousness. “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can.”M. L. King.

We have already been discussing the illusion of duality in this world and of course even though we are all connected we have a slight degree of duality to be able to experience all of it. But by that quotation I want you to not think of something that is dark or light (there is by the way never dark, it is always about light and shadows, and when the shadow disappears, you see that there has always been light behind.) or about hate, but think about Love, because Love is also representing Unity, Oneness and Truth. It is a huge step toward understanding and expressing our higher consciousness or Self if you want, growing through Compassion for every existing living organism.

We can not escape the responsibility of tomorrow by avoiding it today.

However, everything you just read here, is putting you in a certain position with certain thoughts and feeling. And so it goes with everything you read, hear and watch. All kinds of “news” we’ve been exposed to. But whom do we trust? How can we know what the Truth really is? I will use this words: “Bad news is there is really no way of knowing whether I’m here to help you or not. So it’s really up to you. Just have to make up your own damn mind to either accept what I’m going to tell you or reject it.”  – The Matrix.

We are making decisions every second of our lives. Small and big…But what we really doing here (during our lifetime) in order to grow is trying to understand why we made all those decisions that led us where we are today.

“People respond in accordance to how you relate to them. If you approach them on the basis of violence, that’s how they’ll react. But if you say, “We want peace, we want stability,” we can then do a lot of things that will contribute towards the progress of our society.”Nelson Mandela.

Our vibratory frequency we are constantly sending out, miles beyond our physical bodies, surrounds people and create that type of interaction that suits our Vibrations best. These people will get influenced and vibrate at another level of consciousness, get another ideas and think differently depending of what you are “sending out”.

Since we are many going this course and perhaps some random people do find their way to this blog somehow as well, I suggest we do some group meditations, let’s say once a week on Mondays or whatever we pick for time and day, does not matter, but what we all can create by being many Minds gathered together and sending our energy to a specific subject is fantastic, it is beyond understanding of our physical brain! That is why being a part of a crowd can be so critical, because the frequency takes over everyone’s emotions and the crowd is unstoppable… Undependable of which level of vibration we are talking about – saving dolphins from landing on the beach and dragging them back into the water or starting to beat each other up at the football game or boycott of any kind.

We can use Group Meditations and meditate for “World Peace”, for “Collective consciousness’ growth”, “Compassion”, “Better understanding and clearer picture of who we are and how we all are connected”, we can create a “healing and loving field around our planet”… Wake up! Unite!


It is not heaven after live we are aiming at – it is heaven here on Earth we can create! Until next blog post, do your best to help us create that Heaven on Earth.


Week #10 – The way through life.

Goals and dreams and how we get there is todays topic of this blog. That was triggered in me by me reading many blogs of our course members and seeing how a lot of people kind of struggle with one thing or another, it definitely not coming effortlessly and causes different physical symptoms as well, and when it comes to me reading of something affecting health – I get triggered:-)

To begin with all of us who start working on the Self also opening their heart and Mind and things begins to happen. All the garbage we’ve been going around with in our “backpack” bursts out. The Soul, or if you want to call it Subconscious Mind start to scream and make sure you can hear it perfectly. It is where the resistance comes in, where you start questioning all things and habits, dreaming a lot of “strange” things, where the whole body posture and even something about your face/eyes is changing and some things becomes more easy while others seems more hard.

To have a purpose and goals in life is undoubtedly important, but how we achieve our goals can be even more important, for what else matters if we “kill” ourselves trying to reach up to what we want to have or where we want to be later in life?
In which case we might want to ask ourselves if those goals come from our hearts or the concrete!

What if “later in life” never appears? How about THIS present moment you actually experiencing? What are you doing to yourself NOW? Whatever you do, does it make you HAPPY? Does it make you feel free and grateful, relaxed and focused, happy and still hungry for development, or does it make you feel like you are getting old and tired, sad and depressed, triggers your fears and judgments, makes you anxious and drain in energy by the end of the day?

IMG_2370(This butterfly knows nothing more than how to enjoy every second of its short life…)

What good is it when we reach the goal and are completely broken in our body and heart and no longer can enjoy it even though we achieved it?

Nothing is impossible, simply because the word impossible does not exist, and the only limitations we got are in our own minds, but the road we choose to take over to our goal is what can make the huge difference in how much we like and are grateful for what we actually do have today and then be able to feel gratefulness all the way to the last step toward your goal. The way we choose to go, does it make us love every moment of the day or does it make us to roll on the floor and feel override by circumstances over and over?

Many see MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) as a way out of the “Inferno” they are living in today. Sure, we all are completely capable of creating our own Hell here on Earth, but do you want to just stop for a second and think about it? What do you have and how many can say that they have the same? Start seeing what you already got, what you already achieved, what you already have become, have experienced, how many different wonderful feelings you have been through, what a variety, and what possibilities you have TODAY! What else do you REALLY need to be happy TODAY? Each day…

I read many write about living in a “Life of quiet desperation”…What is all that? Do you have a roof over the head? Food on the table? Health? Two legs and two arms and the body that moves? But you want to have more? Whatever you think of- grows, and you also know what to do, to get even more, start giving more of yourself! Who rule over your life if not you? What desperation are you talking about? Every day we wake up to is our gift! Cherish it, be grateful for that every day you can get and be the best you are!

You still not happy with that? Maybe you are even one of them who believe that MLM can get you out of there and over to your dream life, and maybe that is so, but what if MLM is just not the way for you to go? What if you experiencing a lot of resistance, struggle and get sad because you never were ment to go that way? What if you got an enormous potential in you that just really want to be seen and developed, that will make you not only make money for you so you can get to your goal (if your goal requires some) but really appreciate your life, every second of it and live happily with whatever comes, because you are doing what you love and can’t any longer feel the resistance, only see new possibilities for growth.


So many are hitting themselves, trying to think forward, in the future, but you know what, as soon as we start to think back in time or in the future – we know that is our Ego talking, trying to create illusion of separation. There is no future or paste, there is only PRESENT, always been. Yesterday all you got was “Present” and the only thing you will get tomorrow is “Present”… There will never be better or worse times, there will always be only NOW and this “now” is defined by what we choose to think, feel and do Right Now.

We are defining our “Purpose” or “Duty” here in life, but I really loved the way Napoleon Hill described it from the interview with the Devil: ” “Duty” is one of the most abused and misunderstood words in existence. The first duty of every human being is to himself. Every person owes himself the duty of finding how to live a full and happy life. Beyond this, if one has time and energy not needed in the fulfillment of his own desires, one may assume responsibility for helping others.”

All who start to “wake up” now understands that we live in an illusion and that we also attract what we are, not what we want… Why attract what we are then? To experience ourselves from all the different angles, to learn to know The Self and The Ego (which basically are the same thing, like two sides of the same coin), to learn compassion and love ourselves, to be able to forgive ourselves, to see the development, to play with ALL of it, feel ALL of it, express ALL of it, without fear and without turning ourselves away from the sides we don’t like in ourselves! We are a huge diamond that have many “sides” and we need to see all of it. We can of course choose to develop and bring up some of the sides and understand, accept and choose not to develop some of the other sides we might not like very much. When we start seeing that – we can really feel the joy, love and health.

Until next blog, don’t “loose your soul”, ask your Self, what’s important for You


Week #9 – Cause and Effect.

What is reality? What is really we live in? How about our reality is just an illusion, but damn, what a “real” illusion this is!

bild (2)

(Oh yes, this beautiful little frog is energy as well) 

Everything, as we know, is energy – same energy changing its form and becoming something specific by us giving it names and shapes we want and then letting it form our surroundings. We are always creating – either consciously or unconsciously. And at some point we do create us, our bodies, our health, and our issues. We decide how our organs work and how they can improve. You might say :”yeah, sure!”, but take the body as an example and see what its made of:

Different types of connective tissues and organs -> Made of cells -> That are made of molecules -> That are made of atoms -> That are made of sub-atomic particles -> That are made of ….Guess what? ENERGY! 🙂

Well, this was just a very basic “taking- apart -process” so it’s easy to understand, but if you are interested in Quantum Physics, Anatomy, Biology, or Chemistry – you already know this:-)

So now that you know that you are Pure energy in its own individual form, you also know that you are constantly changing, because that is the nature of energy – it does change, either develop or degrade, but never stagnate! I guess the best part of it is that you do control it by your Mind that is incredibly powerful mechanism.

“An object does not exist independently of its observer! So, as you can see, your observation, your attention to something, and your intention, literally creates that thing.” – that is what Quantum Physics tells us and it is scientifically proven. That puts me in the state of “Oh! Can this be a simple explanation to why there is so many misunderstandings? Because we perceive the “same world” in different ways, from our perspective and also understand it from our point of view, which may be very different from anyone elses..”

In our world there is always a cause and the effect of it. Our Body is the effect of the cause. The outside physical world that we experience is another effect created by cause. The cause is the Thought. We think, therefore we create. Why? So that our body can experience and be experienced, because that is the unique function of the physical body. In its turn, thought can not experience, it can only create, and then through the experiences of body in the world of relativity, experience itself!

Therefore I loved this affirmation by C. Haanel: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” By charging it with faith and feeling that is real for you, you will see how the events and possibilities appears so that you can experience that you are strong, loving, happy and so on.

“It used to be said that man is completely build over every seven years (This is something I still tell my clients) , but some scientists now declare that we build ourselves over entirely every eleven month; so we are really only eleven months old. If we build the defects back into bodies year after year, we have no one to blame but ourselves.” – “Master Key”, by C. Haanel.

Hm…Okej, so we are what we think and by changing the thinking and state of mind, we also change our form into someone else, a being our “old friends” does not recognize anymore. Talking of forms and bodies… Since I’m working as a therapist, I am primarily interested in how our development and Mind affects our physical body and secondary our environment that our body lives in on a daily basis.

Our thoughts, especially charged with feelings, causes our body to communicate with us in a different ways, both “pleasant” and “unpleasant”. All the illness is caused by the energy that can’t freely flow through the body and when something is blocking it, we call it diss-ease, which is just another word for expressing that it is not longer easy for energy to flow. This is either good or bad, even though we live in a world of relativity, of duality to some degree, we are still all parts of the same organism – of our Universe. So it is not about duality (Black or White), but about individuals that spends energy on judging (this is Bad and this is Good) and rating everything that happens or feels (That is Better or Worse than this), instead of just knowing whats happening, feeling how it feels and maybe redirecting energy into something else that makes us feel in a different way. It’s all about how we perceive the world we create. For example you drive on a road and are about to turn and a driver in the front suddenly sees that he needs to go over to your line for turning as well, he showes you that he is turning and goes over to your line in front of you and you start to think “negatively” because he turned in and “cut you off” just before the turning. But if you just apply the brake and kind of let him in, in front of you, and you then both turn a bit slower, then nothing happens and no one gets “negative”. So is this a bad or good thing or is it just how WE define it?

When we work on our perceptions and reactions we became more aware and can understand that no experiences are negative or positive, they all just are, for us to percept and define. However we still need to know that all events and all experiences affecting our body and our involvement, for what we think of, we get more of, through the Law of Growth. Anyhow, every thought has its specific vibration and everything around us including ourselves are getting affected by this vibrations and energy matches this vibrations getting us in a specific state or getting our environment in a specific shape and giving us certain experiences. Davis Suzuki wrote in “The Sacred Life”, “Condensed molecules from breath exhaled from verbal expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, contain toxins. Accumulated over 1 hour, these toxins are enough to kill 80 guinea pigs!”…. Now stop reading for a second and think!… Can you even imagine what we do to our world with our thoughts!? And what we do to our body? All the garbage you see on TV and newspapers – is just a creation of humanity, all of it…And it sure grows, by the thoughts of so many minds that are watching that. What can we do instead?

bild (1)

(This pic is taken by me just outside of the clinic. Yes, he looked at me and told me he was a photo-model, so I could take a few pic of him:-) . Sweet bird. Hey! Nature speaks to you, if you are ready to listen.)

Slow down, observe, enjoy the beauty around you and focus on being greatful for that instead. This world is made for YOU to experience! Notice how the nature speaks to you, go hug some trees and feel the energy, feel the Love that nature gives you, that is just a reflexion of What you Are, Pure Love, Pure Light, Infinite Energy or Spirit… “Spirit is All That Is, that which gives Life to Thought and Body”

So how do you want to experience this world around you and how do you want to express yourself so that you can manifest everything you desire?

Until next blog, “Feel the joy of being alive….Just enjoy the ride”🙂


Week #8 – Illusion of the “Mistakes”.


I found this rubber-gum at my little sisters table. This thing was HUGE. We are talking about 15cm X 5cm!

“Wow! Who gave you this?!”- I wondered.

She smiled with every tooth she had and said: “My aunt did, when I started new class at school.”

I was standing there, didn’t know what to say, but asked “So you think you make mistakes at school?”

” I don’t know, they say so and then I have to do it over and do it right.”  – she said easily.

You must be kidding me, I thought. And thought back to my school time. Yes, we have been punished for not bringing the results teacher expected from us. This way we could be controlled, told what to do and how to do it. Not a chance for any creations of our own or any mistakes (as they call it). Where is the independent thought? The personal development? The development of the individual Self in every kid, in every person, during school and after school? We have been teached how we need to be in this society…For what reason? So that we can be that gray mass running around in circles, never understanding why and for how long? Are we not suppose to BE INDIVIDUALS? Bring the best of us, of our gifts, develop in different directions, create and learn through our “Mistakes”?

What is the mistake? According to the dictionary it is as follows:

1. An error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge.
2. A misunderstanding or misconception.

Wait a second here! Who decides what is an “error in action”? Who’s opinions and judgments decides whether you make mistakes or not? What misunderstanding? According to whom?….

Stop here for a while, think of it. We never accomplished something we wanted to because we decided to abort the project or idea because the society or someone “important” said it was a mistake? And the next time we thought of something new, many laughed and when we tried and didn’t succeed for a couple of times, we thought it was a mistake and stopped trying. And so it goes until we ourself start sabotage our ideas and plans with our OWN thought of “I’m not capable” or “I don’t think I can do this” or “I’,m not good enough.” Is that something that resonates with you? Many of you who read this already are familiar with what we call “Red pencil syndrome” and have now being reprogramming your subconscious mind, taking small steps toward that child in you that is curious, that wants to create and develope, educe and learn, the true nature of your Self! We are becoming more and more aware of that child in us, recreating that state of mind.

“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” Voltaire.

Through meditation we have the access to the infinite knowledge and wisdom, in silence of the Mind (without thinking) we can find the solution (the Knowing) for everything we ask.

Only through mistakes we can learn, we can come one step closer to our Self, crash all the illusions of what we’ve been teached about us. “If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.” Les Brown.

When the consciousness is expanded you can also see the same event in a different ways and choose how YOU want to see it, experience it and what you can learn from it. It’s when we have expand consciousness than we can see the choice between the “Stimulus” and “Respond”. And all “Mistakes” becomes possibilities, new opportunities which leads to new ideas and further development.

In the end we all are infinite energy that never disappears, only changes form (we’ve been through it in earlier blog) so whatever happens to us only brings us to another level of consciousness, or not – if we choose not to learn from it and become something else through it.

This is a quotation that hangs on the wall of my lovely friend and college, Jeremy Halpin and I loved his comment on this one:
“I like it except for the last line. I would say it is meaningful but not the one, “true meaning of life” – because life is way too multi-dimensional for such simplistic, ‘one size fits all’ statements. It is an inspirational saying though because it reminds us that life is not something external from our Self. It is not something to be ‘won’, ‘lost’ or manipulated to some strategic advantage of control – because it cannot be controlled. The desire for control comes from the ego anyway.

Alright, you can give this some thoughts through your whole life. What we do or don’t have, what we go through, or what happens to us, our friends and relatives really does not matter. It only triggers us to create an experience out of it, choose how we want to percept it and what we want to become through all of it. Because in the end we will only gain those experiences and take them with us to our “next playground” and loose all of the material world around us that we have been collecting along the way.

Hey! Why take it so seriously? We never make any “mistakes”, we never do anything “wrong”, we never “fail”, everything is the result of what we have been doing in every “NOW-moment”, the only moment, the presence. You have always been successful and creating, too many times unconsciously, but still precisely, and you can now observe by looking back, how you need to think and act to create what you have. You can also see  how you need to think and act to create something else than what you already have created. Be in presence, observe, learn, smile, love, experience, create, live,
lighten up, it’s gonna brighten up!

(Wierd video? According to whom? Listen to it and see it’s deeper meaning in the abstraction of it.)


Week #7- Understanding fear through meditation.

“Fear is false evidence appearing real” Zig Ziglar.

Fear…will be the topic of this blog. It is a huge topic and it is possible to discuss it for days, connecting it with different events in life, mental, physical and spiritual health or disease for that matter, state of mind and learned limitations, Should’s and Should-not’s, procrastinations and other habits that goes under the same roof, low self-esteem, lack of faith & courage, indecisiveness, anger, worrying, separation and that list can go on and on and on for hours…

Can you even imagine what this fear does to our Self? What it pushes us to create in that fearful state of mind? How many fears we learn already in our early childhood, and how all of it becomes so close to us and we start believe it is our own thoughts and even worse – that it is true.

I guess I would like to discuss maybe one of the biggest symptoms of fear, which is anger. Anger is actually coming from powerlessness. If you think of it, anytime you have been angry, it always was because you were feeling powerless. And powerlessness in its turn grows up out of Fear, which is the opposite of Love. (We already have discussed Love in its own blog earlier, where you can read more about it if you want.) So what is the solution for anger? It is no more complicated than Love.

As my wonderful friend and college Jeremy Halpin said: “In the Light of love all angry acts cause us as much pain as we have caused others with them. This is why it is so important to replace fear with love, joy and unity.”


This leads us to another issue, of “What goes around, comes around”.

We actually do cause a lot of pain and damage to ourselves with us being angry with someone or at something. By feeling this emotion and playing on that, we only burn ourselves out and cut ourselves over and over again. So much illness in the body of an angry person. Have you ever been able to observe that in anyone? They cannot rationalize or act adequate in that type of drama, heating up and blaming everything else for making them feel this way. But the bottom line is nothing more than those people are just not yet aware of the fear that the subconscious acts upon.

“I plant the seed of fear in the minds of people, and as these seeds germinate and grow, through use, I control the space they occupy. The six most effective fears are the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death.”“Outwitting the Devil”, by Napoleon Hill. ( I wonder why I open this book over and over again;-) )

So..I guess I’ll take them in the reverse order and give them some thoughts. Many people are afraid of death. In fact they are afraid to live because “what if something happens and they will be dead?” So they never get chance to really live a life and try, risk and develop. The funny thing is that death represents change, if you think of it, we are all energy and energy can not die, it can only change form, so when we die, we change our form, getting rid of your physical body and transforming into pure energy. Every day, we hopefully develop and become “another” person year after year, so we “die” as “old us” and become “new us” with new habits, new knowledge, new experiences, its nothing more than die and reborn mentally. And I think we also “die” spiritually when we don’t allow ourselves to live, transforming ourselves into nothingness by destructive thoughts and a life without meaning. Everything is changing, nothing stays still – that is how Nature works, without exceptions, so we all going to change form sooner or later, why fear it?
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of old age is also a form of changing, in our physical body as we grow older and the structure of our body is changing, but we can also become pretty “old” in our mental body, by living without purpose, never allowing ourselves to play and be curious, wearing what we want because it somehow doesn’t fit “your age” and so on. (As you can see, this in its turn leads us to a fear of criticism.) But here we still have a choice – to grow old or continue to play and stay young in our mind, even though the physical body still must grow older and change and there is nothing positive or negative to it, it’s just IS, it’s just still how Nature operates.
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of loss of love is a very strange fear, because we are surrounded by the illusion of separation, the illusion of us not being complete, and that we need to find another “half” that will complete us. Think of it, we don’t need anyone to complete us, we are whole. It is for many a way to run away from the Self, they cannot stand loneliness, but you are never alone, it’s always 3 of you, as my husband usually say: “Me, Myself and I” (You who live by the Bible I think can compare it with the God, The Son and The Holy Spirit, it is the same way to see it – it is 3 within you.) The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself, so start love yourself and appreciate it, don’t look for someone to love, you are Love, and when you know you are Love, the partner will appear, and you will take that life’s journey together, as 2 whole beings, without co-dependancy and fear of loss of love, because you cannot lose it – you are Love!
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of ill health is also very interesting. We are created and born perfect and harmonious, therefore healthy. It is when we stop having that harmony within ourselves and start believing in separation that the body becomes ill. Illness is nothing more and nothing less than your Self trying to communicate with you, and when you ignore it – you become more ill and when you feel illness you might plant a seed of fear and see it become even worse. Many seek doctors, but they cannot help, because they try to cure whats outside, and by trying to fix whats outside, you can’t fix what’s inside. Logical, right? So to stop being sick you need to think healthy, which in its turn will help you to look over the food you put into your body, the exercises you do or don’t, the importance of sleep and having time for yourself and so on. (Yeah, many may say, so why does some babies get born with different kind of illness, it’s not like they have been thinking negatively or fearing ill health!? Well, answer to that question we can turn to the moms who are pregnant and who has fear of ill health and vibrate at this level of consciousness, and of course, the baby is taking damage from this as well.) Just know it, and accept it.

Now back to the fear of criticism. When you are the best of what you are and act from your integrity, you also know the truth. The truth about you, about who you are and what you want. In that state of mind you don’t care at all of what others may think or say, because it has nothing to do with you, it is their thoughts, their judgments, their responsibility, and remember – what goes around, comes around. When you know Your Truth, you know that whatever people say cannot make you uncomfortable, because it is either true (means already comfortable for you) or false and you are the one who knows it, undependable of what others may think behind your back or into your face. So there is really nothing to fear in that regard, we just learned it as children, when other children made fun of us in one way or another, but we all did that when we were kids, maybe in order to find what the truth was? But by getting older, you form yourself and you learn the truth.
Just know it, and accept it.

Fear of poverty, well I won’t comment it, I’ll just put the citation about it and you can make your own conclusion: “Poverty, like physical illness, is a contagious disease. You find it always among the drifters, never among those who know what they want and are determined to get just that! It may mean something to you when I call your attention to the fact that the non-drifters,…, and those who possess most of the wealth of the world, happened to be the same people.”“Outwitting the Devil”.
Hey, that doesn’t mean you need to have all the economical wealth in the world. Many people live a very simple lives, yet they are full of meaning and driven by purposes.
Just know it, and accept it.


What you resist – persists. You resist to recognize you have fears? Well, you will stick with them, so again

just know it and accept it

then let it go because there is nothing to fear!

You will find everything you need through meditation, but you will gain nothing, simply because it is already in you, but you will understand a lot.:-)

Through meditation we become conscious and aware of that Love we are which is also a cure for everything.

“The secret of love is that it is our highest expression of consciousness. It is a state more than an emotion. This is why coming back to love is like coming home. We realise we knew it all along. We had just been distracted, divided and disempowered by an uneasy dream where we allowed self-doubt, fear and anger to creep in and separate us from ourselves.”Jeremy Halpin.

So let us stop being confused by that illusion of separation and again allow ourselves to let go, forgive, feel, relax, be in this present moment and meet our real Self! And we will vibrate at that level, everyone will see the change in us, without being able to put a finger on what the difference is, all the animals will lose their fear and come to greet us, because they will be the first ones who will feel our vibration of unconditional Love that we all are.

IMG_1451Until next blog, let us all gain more understanding:-)


Week #6 – I WAS confused:-)

“That fear-motivated “old self” is not dead; it has merely been dethroned. And it will follow you around whenever you go, awaiting a favorable opportunity to step in and take charge of you again. It can gain control of you only through your thoughts. Remember this, and keep the doors to your mind tightly closed against all thoughts which seek to limit you in any manner whatsoever, and you will be safe.” “Outwitting the Devil, Napoleon Hill (Love that book)

So the second week with “Non-opinion-diet” feels very interesting. From my experiences so far it looks like:
By me not giving any opinions results in me not receiving any either about me or what I do… This feels pretty awesome! Releases me from thinking, “am i doing it right now or what?” – FORGHETABOUTIT (as Mark J use to say), no need to spend time on receiving others opinions, maybe they simply since it and don’t give any? 😉


(I don’t know why our ginger cat is always representing Subby in all of my blogs that was supported by his picters 🙂 )

The Subby is consistently on the duty, shouting out “orders” of what is familiar – “Hey, give an opinion, I know you have one!” But there is that “other side” of the Subby starting to move in another direction because of me consciously reminding myself of being an observer rather than spit out opinions about this and that…This really opens up a lot of thoughts and insights, erases old complexes and changes the perception of what is “OK” or “NOT OK”.

Well, that is about changing habits, as we were prepared to do already in the 1:st scroll in Mandinos book “The Greatest Salesman in the world”.

Napoleon Hill is also writing: “The habit of expressing loosely organized opinions is one of the most destructive of habits. Its destructiveness consists in its tendency to influence people to guess instead of searching for the facts when they form opinions, create ideas, or organize plans. The habit creates a grasshopper mind – one that jumps from one thing to another but never completes anything. And of course, carelessness in the expression of opinions leads to the habit of drifting. From there it is only a step or two until one is bound by the law of hypnotic rhythm which automatically prohibits accurate thinking.”

Wait a second! So we have been going it the opposite direction from the Development-destination in our lives? All that time, instead of getting wisdom by listening more, year after year, we just increased speed of our steps away from a real understanding, by gladly expressing our opinions to the whole world! Wow, what a hit-in-the-head, thank you very much…

Maybe it is time to start thinking back to that very old question: “What do you want to be when you become grown up”?

That leads me to the subject of our Duty in life, or as we call it, DMP (Definite Major Purpose). Since readers seems to enjoy this profound masterpiece, I am turning to its words again. From “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill:

” “DUTY” is one of the most abused and misunderstood words in existence. The first duty of every human being is to himself. Every person owes himself the duty of finding how to live a full and happy life. Beyond this, if one has time and energy not needed in the fulfillment of his own desires, one may assume responsibility for helping others.”

You might think this is very selfish way of thinking? Think again…It is about not taking responsibility of others on your own shoulders. (Of course, I’m not talking about responsibility for our own child until their mature age, because that we must take.) But by us taking responsibility for others (by telling them what to do, how to do it, when and so on, by giving them our opinions about multiple subjects, by trying to control them etc) we not only limit their independent thinking and reasoning, not letting them build their own experience of reality, but we also getting more and more separated from our own Self.

When we are not in the “center” or call it in harmony with the Self, we not only getting different kinds of symptoms to deal with (mostly physical), but we block the flow of infinite power, infinite possibilities, infinite energy that is there waiting for us to open up and receive it. That also create a conflict within ourselves that we need to repair by understanding, awareness, thinking and letting go of others, by taking responsibility and care of our own thinking, feelings and actions, therefore we also “overcome” symptoms as fears, depressions, sleeping problems, pain, etc (they are all symptoms of our Self trying to communicate with us) and become more in tune with our own “I”.

“To be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within. In order to receive intelligence the receiver must be in tune with the transmitter.”Master Key System, C.Haanel.

But enough of that…How do we get in harmony with ourselves? By a number of “simple rituals” that in the beginning are not very “simple” and are for some pretty “challenging”. The “Non-opinion-diet”, meditation and some affirmation/imagination, gratefulness, giving and independent thinking are building a very strong and stable foundation and takes us deep inside ourselves, to meet that being of light, to solve all the old issues, to forgive ourselves, to let go of what’s not ours and create a tight relationship with that being, love it, appreciate it, live honest with it, respect it and the doors to the Infinite will open for us as wide as never before and we will enjoy this present moment, the only moment.

bull blog

“The man who looks within instead of without cannot fail to make use of the mighty forces which eventually determine his course in life and so bring him into vibration with all that is best, strongest and most desirable.”    – Master Key System, C. Haanel.

And to end this up with some music and powerful lyrics I was listening to when I was a very angry teenager, I was really searching for something, but I didn’t know were to search…Now I definitely know, it has always been there, and yes, “I was close to something real” as they sing, but never looked inside:-) It’s all in the Mind, whatever this “something real” is, we find it within. What is “real” for you? 🙂

Until next time, keep thinking, digging and smiling:)


Week #5 – Awareness of the world of opinions.

Namaste! Todays topic is about awareness and our beliefs based upon our and others opinions…

What is an

opinion? (According to the dictionary:)


Judgment or belief not founded on certainty or proof.

Yes, well, everyone have a bunch of those. According to Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow rich”“Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them.”…. “If you are overly influenced by the opinion of others, you will have no desire of your own.”

Very interesting. We all are ridiculously good at coming up with snap-judgments and guessing about everything we see, here and do. As a matter of fact, we learn this thing early in life, when we join the school system and some of us churches, where respected adults are setting up rules to follow and schedule to work upon, without giving youngsters a chans to think and rationalise on their own. Wait…is that an opinion of mine or is it a fact?

Napoleon Hills book “Outwitting the Devil” shows that just perfectly, there the Devil himself speaks as follows: “Parents, schoolteachers, religious instructors, and many other adults unknowingly serve my purpose by helping me to destroy in children the habit of thinking for themselves. They go about their work in various ways, never suspecting what they are doing to the minds of children or the real cause of the children’s mistakes.”

So I prefer to see the observation of one of the greatest philosophers as a fact, especially nowadays, when we all have computers on us 24/7, all the SmartPhones, iPads and other Smart-equipment that thinks for us and makes our ability to think and reason degrade more and more, by making our every-day communication brief, effortless but also meaningless in many situations….I don’t know how about other countries, but coming partly from Sweden I can tell that there has been an enormous “development” of thoughts that are expressed and the language that is used in the prossess…And the development in this case is not upward… Something very fuzzy and abrupt is coming out of the mouth and it doesn’t make any sence at all.

“This mind which pervades our physical body is not only result of hereditary tendencies, but is the result of home, business and social environment, where countless thousands of impressions, ideas, prejudices and similar thoughts have been received. Much of this has been received from others, the result of opinions, suggestions or statements; much of it the result of our own thinking, but nearly all of it has been accepted with little or no examination or consideration.” (from “The Master Key System” C. Haanel)

How about that!? No wonder that it looks as it does out there. We all create things unconsciously, every single second, we not only create what we want, or what we would like, or what someone else is having or things we wish to receive, but all what perfectly reflects our own thoughts! Today we can look at our lives and see the result of our earlier thoughts, all that we have been through, we created by the Law of attraction, All of it is Our own. But whatever we have we can change by showing the subconscious what we want to create. The only question is if we want to be “passive recipients of this activity” or if we want to consciously be its directors?

opinion blog

This week I began by putting the word “Opinion” on my hand to constantly remind myself about me having opinions. This mental excercise really is making me take it slow and THINK once more before I speak…But! The habit is strong, and sometimes, when an opinion flies out, I instantly realize: “Was that an opinion I just put out?” Wow! Cancel this one! 🙂
It is not “wrong” to have an opinion, but it is important to be aware of having it in the mind, see it and let go of it in time. I guess that’s where the Magic of Listening is coming out. When we listen more, we also grow in awareness, isn’t that just perfect?!

“….people who think for themselves never drift, while those who do little or no thinking for themselves are drifters. A drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances outside of his own mind.”…”He doesn’t know what he wants from life and spends all of his time getting just that. A drifter has lots of opinions, but they are not his own.” – “Outwitting the Devil”, Napoleon Hill.

In the end, opinions are not that “bad”, as long as they was built upon your own experiences and feelings mixed together with real facts! The first step is though to be aware of how much opinions we have in our mind (yes, repetition is the mother of all learning) , that just takes place, as garbage that is not taken care of, because no one wants them, as no one wants garbage. We are not like that by nature, we are not created for going around and judge people or things, so why not let go of all the judgment we’ve learned through life and stop thinking in terms of separation, in terms of good and bad, black and white, either or, all or nothing etc.

We are all One, all Love, all Light, all the Part of the Whole and all are beautiful beings!

Until next blog, Give away compliments, let go of judgments.